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Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Registering an accurate domain name is very imperative for a business. The entire procedure of Solutions Player Web Hosting endows you with a name and your identity on the internet. That is why it is obligatory to observe the name of your business site before giving it a go. Our Domain registration endows with one with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that is the deal with the website which your audience will sort in right to use your website. Having a website of own, Solutions Player provides the edge of professionalism to an industry. A careful, cost effective and thorough combination of Solutions Player domain registration and web hosting will allow progressing the ranking of your website and eventually develop your business as you may like....
Our Hosting service includes:

Shared Hosting Servers
Shared hosting is the low expenditure selection and, normally, the simples to set of connections, because you are not captivating control of a computer system, just accumulation of your files to one that is already arranged.

Dedicated Hosting Servers
Our Dedicated hosting servers are little bit costly than shared hosting, but they are just about constantly the accurate option if you are developing a web application.

Virtual Hosting Servers
The physical possessions of the server are mutual linking the virtual servers; you can suppose to obtain less hard disk space, lower memory and some competition for processor time, dropping performance.
Here tend to be some of any numerous reasons the item our service provides competitive edge a lot more than others:

Our customers benefit from technical support and inclusive online assistance. Our network is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day with that security, you can be sure your web site is accessible all time to Internet consumer.

The Company put in a great deal in secure hardware and services for the reason to achieve primary objective at website source to abolish downtime.

Each hosting account involves control panel. Your current Control Panel will be an on the internet web-based application that permits a person for you to manage every aspect of any internet hosting account.

Fair Prices:
We offer everything from inexpensive jump delivery and virtual hosting to be able to complex dedicated hosting plan. Consumer has complete control more than every aspect of services with the entire control panel.

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Basic Website Hosting Services

2 GB Web Space
4000 MB MBBandwidth
50 Email Accounts
5 My SQL Databases
10 Subdomains
100% Money Back Trial
Opensource supported
Perl, PHP and MySQL Support
20 Ftp Accounts
Automatic Backup

Rs. 2,000
Advance Website Hosting Services

4 GB Web Space
6000 MB MBBandwidth
100 Email Accounts
10 My SQL Databases
20 Subdomains
100% Money Back Trial
Opensource supported
Perl, PHP and MySQL Support
40 Ftp Accounts
Automatic Backup

Rs. 3,000
Premium Website Hosting Services

8 GB Web Space
Free Domain (.com, .net, .us, .co, .biz)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited My SQL Databases
Unlimited Subdomains
100% Money Back Trial
Opensource supported
Perl, PHP and MySQL Support
ASP.Net Supported with all Frameworks
MS Sql Databse Supported
Unlimited  Ftp Accounts
Automatic Backup

Rs. 5,000